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    Moon Biscuit How strange it is to be anything at all

    Hi! Is it just me or is Greece not very open to ABDL littles yet? I'm sure there are people out there interested in the lifestyle but still, compared to other countries the number is so tiny! :eek:

    Then again we -are- a tiny country.

    Not that many greek websites about it out there either though.

    Σε τι νομιζετε οτι οφειλεται αυτο το tiny number? Is it a matter of culture? Is it fear? Or is it random and I'm being silly trying to find reasons behind it?
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  3. Moon Biscuit

    Moon Biscuit How strange it is to be anything at all

    Interesting thread but not what ABDL really is :) what you linked is an entirely different practice.. or fetish? Thing. Yes. A thing. Lol
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    Πιστευω ο λόγος που ακόμη είναι λίγα τα άτομα που αρέσκονται σε ABDL, είναι η λίγο συντηρητική κουλτούρα του κοσμου.
    Δεν έχουμε ακόμη ψάξει μεσα μας το τι μας αρεσει.
    Θέλει αρκετά χρόνια για να το βγάλει προς τα έξω η νέα γενιά.
    Παράδειγμα η ουρολαγνεια : χρειάστηκε μια ολόκληρη γενιά για να αποενοχοποιηθει μια εντελώς cool ερωτική πρακτικη.
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    πρακτική για adult baby-(diaper lovers).

    Αν δεν κάνω λάθος, οι περισσότερες σχέσεις, είναι πλατωνικές(romantic) , όχι;
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    Νομιζω ότι είναι και κανονικες σχέσεις και πλατωνικες.
    Όπως όλες οι σχέσεις δηλαδη.
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    Ναι δε διαφωνώ, απλά νομίζω ότι εστιάζουν περισσότερο στο φετίχ, παρά στο σεξουαλικό κομμάτι.
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    @ moonbiscuit

    Θέλεις να μας διαφωτισεις?
  9. These last years all these fetishes and lifestyles have become more popular with BDSM and especially DDLG being very popular.Many girls I know call their boys daddy.DDLG at first was looked down upon because of the "daddy" thing being creppy.Now its a huge trend.ABDL on the other hand takes things a bit further.People find the whole child thing really weird and associate it with pedophylia...I ain't gonna lie I find it kinda weird if not creppy..not my thing.DDLG is fine tho♡.Keep in mind Greece is a conservative country.
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    Moon Biscuit How strange it is to be anything at all

    It's true a lot of people get mixed up and think infantilism is almost a synonym to pedophelia. DING DING DING! It's not! :3

    ABDL (adult baby diaper lover), CG/l (caregiver little), age play, each and every one of them is about CONSENTING ADULTS willing to regress into a more child like stage in their life. A Daddy/Mommy/Dom/Caregiver is someone usually dominant and yet loving, nurturing and truly wants to be in control and care for their sub/pet who in this case happens to be child like and dependent. Some Daddies are more nurturing and others might be quicker to punish. Some little ones can be bratty and more independent and others are not. It's a form of BDSM and in some cases a Dom may even force their sub into diapers as a punishment/humiliation. A pacifier functions as a gag. There's so many variations to this, it's impossible to try and put it all in a box even though I understand as humans we might be wired to always try and do that so that it's easier for us to process things. Not very realistic in this case though.

    People into this lifestyle are sometimes in entirely platonic relationships as well. Sometimes they don't even need to be IN a relationship. They simply -are- little :)

    Being a little means feeling more comfortable regressing to a younger state - sometimes by nature too! I am naturally little because of my condition. I've been sheltered my entire life and being in this country where not a lot is offered to people who can't function on their own has left me with one choice - be happy in my own home. And I am. Or at least try to be. I love playing games and watching cartoons, I love snacks and collecting dolls, I love my sippy cup and it's easier for me to be in diapers because my mother and nurse can't lift me every single time I have to go to the bathroom. It's not fair on anyone.

    My parents pay my bills so I don't really know much about anything in the real world. I'm in bed. And I'm isolated because there's nothing to do. And I know a lot of people here -want- to be open minded but easier said than done and most people I've met don't stick around. Which is understandable, hey, if it were my choice I wouldn't stick around either. I'm not meant to be a Dom or a Caregiver. I'm the one in -need- of the care. In need of rules. In need of teaching. In need of a bed time. A spanking. A hug. A diaper change. Love. Protection.

    To say this is bordering pedophilia is ignorant and perhaps a result of fear as well and it's completely okay to not know things. Don't feel bad - I don't even know how to pay my own bills! *giggles*

    A lot of littles and ABDLs find this lifestyle to be the perfect way to heal from childhood trauma or abuse. A Daddy/Mommy is not a pedophile for feeling the urge to care and guide their lover. For liking discipline and making love to their babygirl. It's a fetish after all. I can assure you most (if not all) people who practice it would immediately be nauseated by the idea of actual children being involved.

    True pedophiles are everywhere and usually hide behind different, much more sinister βιτρίνες and it's scary but this is the world we live in unfortunately.

    And all of that being said - Hi! How is everyone's Sunday so far?
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    Moon Biscuit How strange it is to be anything at all

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    Hello Biscuit
    πολύ χαρούμενη που βλέπω ένα νέο thread με αυτό το θέμα εδώ μέσα. Είμαστε σπάνιες / σπάνιοι δυστυχώς όπως έγραψες. Σε τι οφείλετε? Νομίζω είναι taboo. είναι κάτι που δύσκολα μοιραζόμαστε με το σύντροφο μας από φόβο ότι θα γίνουμε ρεζίλι. Από φόβο ότι μπορεί να το εκμεταλλευτεί εναντίον μας αν κατι δεν πάει καλά. Εγώ τουλάχιστο έτσι νιώθω. Είχα μια σχέση DL / omorashi στο παρελθόν μου όταν ήμουν φοιτήτρια στο εξωτερικό. Από τότε καμια άλλα εμπειρία.
    Just realized you prefer English. So I am asking you to excuse my mistakes in advance as I am going to continue writing in Enlgish...
    So as said, since then I haven't shared it with any partners. I do enjoy it by my self. I use diapers almost daily, enjoying all the beautiful feelings you and I know about it. As said I also enjoy omorashi and again this is something I enjoy by myself.
    I wasn't abused as a child and don't remember having a trauma. I assume I am a DL / omorashi lover since I grew up and had responsibilities since an early age. That's the explanation I give. You gave a different one for yourself.
    I like many similar thing you like. I consider myself more a DL rather than an AB. I love spankings, diaper changes, and protection. I also like changing diapers to someone else. I assume that make me a switch? I love embarrassing myself, I love when buying my diapers either pharmacies or in the super market, I love wearing outside the house and lot more.